Is the West Coast due for a comeback?

New boat sales have been on the rise for two years now, but we are a long way from the heydays of the early to mid-2000s. On average, new U.S. powerboat sales in 2013 are about half of what they were ten years ago. This is not necessarily the case throughout the entire country though. The West Coast in particular sustained the brunt of the long-term decline while most Midwest and Gulf Coast states fared better.
Nowhere is the geographic imbalance more evident than the ski / wakeboard boat market. As you can see in the following graphic, if you sold tournament class ski boats ten years ago, the West Coast was your playground. Since then, sales in California have plummeted while sales in other parts of the country have been relatively healthy. In fact, if we exclude the West Coast, ski boat sales are only down about 25% compared to a decade ago.