• Customer Profile

    Customer Profile

    Boaters are a very diverse group, not only in the ways they use their boats but in their personal preferences regarding how a boat should look and perform. It is therefore essential to understand what makes your customers different. With this understanding you can more effectively communicate why your product is the best choice for […]

  • U.S. Fleet

    U.S. Fleet

    Do you need to know how many people own saltwater fishing boats and where they are located? What the total potential is for marine battery sales? Or where you should put your next retail location? Info-Link can help. Our National Boat Registration Database includes information on over 21 million boats registered in the United States […]

  • Pre-owned Boat Sales

    Pre-owned Boat Sales

    Pre-owned boats play a key role in the health and vitality of the boating industry. Not only do pre-owned boat sales account for a large percentage of the industry’s overall sales, this is how the vast majority of newcomers enter the boating market. In order to fully understand the boating market, you need to understand […]

  • Brand Loyalty and Migration

    Brand Loyalty and Migration

    Today’s consumers have more choices than ever. And while many are brand loyal, most will consider more than one option when making their next purchase. This means there is a major incentive for companies to actively foster and maintain relationships with the people who have purchased from them before while still attracting new customers with […]

  • Sales Conversion

    Sales Conversion

    We have all seen some exceptional advertising in our industry, but what ultimately matters is whether these efforts resulted in sales. By cross-referencing your leads with your our National Boat Registration Database and/or your warranty file, we can help you determine which of your marketing efforts are most fruitful. For instance: How many of your […]

  • Mailing Lists

    Mailing Lists

    Our database of outdoor recreation enthusiasts contains information on over 20 million people who participate in a variety of outdoor recreation activities such as boating, hunting, fishing, water skiing, sailing, and scuba diving. These people tend to be passionate about their hobbies and are excellent prospects for many products and services ranging from boating supplies […]

  • CRM


    During any given year, at least 15% of your customers are likely to be considering their next purchase. Whether they purchased your product new or pre-owned, your current customers are the ones most likely to buy from you again. And they are often your best source of word-of-mouth advertising as well. It is therefore critical […]

  • New Boat Sales

    New Boat Sales

    New boat sales are among the most closely monitored metrics in the marine industry because new sales influence the fate of almost every participant. Whether you sell boats, water skis, replacement parts or marine insurance, any new boat or customer will eventually become part of your market. Info-Link has been monitoring new boat transactions since […]

  • InFocus


    InFocus is a market intelligence tool developed specifically for the boating industry. It was designed to put critical market information right at your fingertips so you can make more informed and timely decisions without having to pour through piles of data. InFocus uses a business intelligence platform called Tableau Reader, which clients can download for […]

  • InSight


    Info-Link’s InSight Report is designed to help industry stakeholders stay on top of the latest new boat sales trends, an important indicator of the boating industry’s overall health. The report provides timely, monthly snapshots summarizing these trends for the entire US market. Our Insight Report is based on state and federal boat registration data enhanced […]

  • Digital Direct

    Digital Direct

    While there are many benefits to traditional direct mail – especially when communicating with an audience that is passionate about their sport – we are now very much a digital world. Info-Link took a close look at various digital communication options such as email marketing, social media and banner advertising. Each has its merits and […]