Customer Intelligence

Knowing who your customers are is arguably the most important information you need. Sure, you may know who your buyers are today, but is this enough? To ensure the future success of your business, you need to know where your customers came from, how they are changing, and whether they are loyal to your brand. If not, where are they going?

Info-Link can provide valuable insight into the purchase patterns, brand preferences and buying history of your current and prospective customers. We can even show you how your customers have changed over time and what your buyers are apt to look like in the future. Having a keen understanding of your customers not only enables you to better plan for the future, it helps to build brand loyalty while providing the key to more effectively reaching tomorrow’s buyers.

Using similar capabilities, we can also help evaluate how your marketing efforts are performing by cross-referencing your various prospects (e.g., website leads, magazine subscribers, and direct mail recipients) with subsequent sales transactions.

Customer Profile

Boaters are a very diverse group, not only in the ways they use their boats but in their personal preferences regarding how a boat should look and perform. It is therefore essential to understand what makes your customers different. With this understanding you can more effectively communicate why your product [read more…]

Brand Loyalty & Migration

Today’s consumers have more choices than ever. And while many are brand loyal, most will consider more than one option when making their next purchase. This means there is a major incentive for companies to actively foster and maintain relationships with the people who have purchased from them before while still attracting new customers [read more…]

Sales Conversion

We have all seen some exceptional advertising in our industry, but what ultimately matters is whether these efforts resulted in sales. By cross-referencing your leads with your our National Boat Registration Database and/or your warranty file, we can help you determine which of your marketing efforts are most fruitful [read more…]