Market Intelligence

Savvy companies don’t commit to a plan without concrete information. They evaluate their market size, sales trends, competition and product distribution. With this information firmly in their grasp, they can make informed decisions about how to position their product while optimizing their return on investment.

And it doesn’t end there. Even market leaders keep close tabs on their performance. They know the competition is vying for those same opportunities.

Companies serving the boating industry know that Info-Link is the place to turn for critical market intelligence. We have been tracking boat registrations – including both new and pre-owned sales – for over 17 years. Info-Link can provide the timely, in-depth information you need to better understand your market, identify opportunities and regularly monitor your performance.

U.S. Fleet

Do you need to know how many people own saltwater fishing boats and where they are located? What the total potential is for marine battery sales? Or where you should put your next retail location? Info-Link can help. Our National Boat Registration Database includes information on over 21 million boats [read more…]

New Boat Sales

New boat sales are among the most closely monitored metrics in the marine industry because new sales influence the fate of almost every participant. Whether you sell boats, water skis, replacement parts or marine insurance, any new boat or customer will eventually become part of your market. [read more…]

Pre-Owned Boat Sales

Pre-owned boats play a vital role in the health and vitality of the boating industry. Not only do pre-owned boat sales account for a large percentage of the industry’s overall sales, this is how the vast majority of newcomers enter the boating market. In order to fully understand the boating market, you need to understand [read more…]