Direct Marketing

Even the most creative and captivating advertisement will be lost at sea if it doesn’t reach the right audience. This is where Info-Link can make a difference. By leveraging the information and market intelligence at our disposal, we marry the art of advertising to the science of marketing to help you reach the right person at the right time.

With a database of over 20 million households that participate in a variety of outdoor recreation activities, we can put you directly in touch with people who are most likely to have an interest in your products and services. Depending on your audience, you can then communicate with them via both traditional and digital advertising.

Mailing Lists

Our database of outdoor recreation enthusiasts contains information on over 20 million people who participate in a variety of outdoor recreation activities such as boating, hunting, fishing, water skiing, sailing, and scuba diving. These people tend to be passionate about their hobbies and are excellent prospects for [read more…]

Digital Direct

While there are many benefits to traditional direct mail – especially when communicating with an audience that is passionate about their sport – we are now very much a digital world. Info-Link took a close look at various digital communication options such as email marketing, social media and banner advertising. Each has its merits [read more…]